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Welcome to MDS!

MDS is leading company providing of Mechanical Design Service CAD/CAE/RE in Vietnam, MDS Engineering is committed to the details - in our service, in our people, and in our choice of leading-edge technology. We are committed to deliver excellent quality, fast turnaround times and competitive prices. 


Our Service

MDS Engineering defines fast. Think quick turn-around. Leading edge means the right tools and right people for the right job.
Let we do best for you? Think of MDS Engineering as your 24/7 on-call virtual division providing efficient, cost-effective, total quality and engineering solutions with effortless technological mobility that brings the industry's best right to wherever it's needed


Our People

Our engineer are expertise and have combined manufacturing experience, the MDS Engineering team sweats the details. Having built a strong background of strategic management and leadership skills in area industries, team members demonstrate expertise in several key areas: engineering/3D reverse engineering, quality assurance, repair/overhaul and customer support. MDS Engineering' people - leveraging the industry's leading-edge technologies - simply make the difference.


Our objective is your success. Utilizing superior communication, commitment to detail, high quality standards and innovative technologies, we will fulfill your quality and engineering needs.


Hotline: +84 982789 286
Email: info@mds.vn
Reverse Engineering Service – 3D Scanner Service
Mechanical 3D Modeling - Mechanical 3D Design
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