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HomeServices › Mechanical 2D drawings Design Service

Mechanical 2D drawings Design Service

Our experienced draftsman has been creating 2D drawings for our customer, and knows the manufacturing cycle from start to finish due to his experience as a machinist, draftsman, designer and mechanical engineer.

We are provide you a high quality 2D drawing with high precision and accuracy and also convert your 3D objective to 2D drawing for your storage

High Quality – 2D Documentation

2D drawings are projected views of CAD models, including, top, front, side and isometric views. They often include information such as dimensions, cross-sections, tolerances, datums, notes, materials and more. They can be used to manufacture a part when CAM programs are not available, and are also a great way to store information about a part. If documentation or archival of your parts is important, 2D drawings are the perfect solution.

Full 3D CAD data is great when you have it, but situations can often come up where it is not available. To help you be fully prepared for those occasions, we can create 2D drawings from our models using standard drafting techniques. Whether you are insuring against data loss or need the ability to access your part's features and geometries without a computer, our 2D drawings will ensure that you're never stuck without the data you need.


2D drawings are great for:

·         Documentation

·         Protection against data loss

·         The ability to have a "hard copy" of your part

·         Matching historical documents

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Hotline: +84 982789 286
Email: info@mds.vn
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Mechanical 3D Modeling - Mechanical 3D Design
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